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12TWEETS@12NOON presents Maid of Honor by Debbie Minter Jackson  Part 2 of 2.

JAIME, 50’s executive, tough, driven, organizing her husband’s funeral.  CHAUNDRA, afraid, but on a mission, was Jaime’s Maid of Honor.

JAIME:  Why are you here?  I’m burying my husband and my maid of honor, my best friend, betrayed me, leaving me to rot in a loveless marriage.

CHAUNDRA:  (shocked)  It wasn’t loveless.  He loved you.  I came here to tell you two things.   First, he really loved you.

JAIME:  And you took him!

CHAUNDRA:  Took him where?  His feet landed under your table every night.  Not mine.   Silly man loved us both.  (Holding photo)  My Erica.

JAIME:  You must be very proud.  If you don’t mind, I’m kind of busy, now…

CHAUNDRA:  Let me help you with the arrangements, the one last thing we can do for Reggie.  And maybe you can help me.

JAIME:  You were good at helping yourself as I recall.

CHAUNDRA:  That’s it.  Get off your high horse, you added to this mess.  Look at that picture.  Her name’s Erica Regina, Regina for Reggie.

JAIME:  You have the nerve to come to my husband’s funeral, and show me his bastard.

CHAUNDRA:  I came to tell you I missed you, life is short, and she needs us, the two of us to love her.  My number’s on the back.

JAIME:  (sarcastically) You’re not asking for much.  Goodbye, Chaundra.    

CHAUNDRA  lays the photo down and exits.  JAIME picks the card  up, sobs, dials.  It rings.  JAIME opens the door, CHAUNDRA holds her ringing phone. They embrace. END OF SCENE.

Maid of Honor ©  by Debbie Minter Jackson.

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