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12@12NOON Presents NO CONTEST by Irelene Ricks. Part One of Two.

The Visitor’s Room in a Women’s Prison.  Ana Teresa, Latina, 50’s, is brushing the hair of Maria Elena, Latina, 20’s.  

MARIA ELENA:  I loved him, Mama.  He sold drugs and asked me to be his mule.  He was the father of my boys. Would I do it again?  Si mama!

ANA TERESA:   Mi hija. You’re not in here for love. You’re not even here for drogas - drugs. You’re here for MURDER! You killed six people!

MARIA ELENA:  Mama, they was tryin’ to kill me and Julio. What was I supposed to do? Just stand there and die?

Maria Elena jumps up and paces the floor in circling around her mother. Her eyes look frantic, wild.    

ANA TERESA:  Que haces? What you doin’? Why you runnin’ in circles? What you do that for?  Talk to me, Maria Elena!

MARIA ELENA:  I gotta think, mama. I gotta walk while I think. I’m THINKIN’!

ANA TERESA:  Sure, sure you think. Is what you think ABOUT that is the problem.  What you think about?

MARIA ELENA: I’m thinkin’ about how that black lady from the Governor’s office might be able to get me outta here.

ANA TERESA:  But there are 3 of you up for that pardon.  What about the other 2 women?  Don’t say it, God will condemn you!

MARIA ELENA:  BITTERLY, No Mama.  Maybe those other two are condemned, because me, I’m getting that pardon.

ANA TERESA:   Pray with me, Maria Elena. We can pray for forgiveness together.

MARIA ELENA:  Mama, please. You have to understand that my life was on the line then, and now it is again.  My LIFE!  END OF SCENE.

NO CONTEST © by Irelene Ricks.