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12TWEETS@12NOON Presents NO CONTEST by Irelene Ricks. Part Two of Two.

The Visitor’s Room in a Women’s  Prison.  Ana Teresa, Latina, 50’s, is visiting her daughter, Maria Elena, Latina, 20’s.  

MARIA ELENA:  The lady that gives the pardons, she’s got to believe I did it in self-defense!  You do, don’t you, Mama?

ANA TERESA:  I don’t know, Maria Elena.  So much blood.  So many bad men.

MARIA ELENA:  Mama, I’m so scared. What if they come back to get me?

ANA TERESA:  What if who comes back?  Julio and all the others are dead.  Who will come for you? Is there something you’re not telling me?

MARIA ELENA:  These are bad men, mama.  Do you believe me, Mommie? When I say I did it to save my life. You believe me?

ANA TERESA:   I come here week after week to see you, Maria Elena. Don’t ask me truth about something that I know nothing about!

MARIA ELENA:  But I only did what I had to do, Mommie. Please understand!

ANA TERESA:  It is not for me to understand.  You need something more than what I can give. Even as your mother.

MARIA ELENA:  I know. I need me a better attorney. The one they gave me could hardly read.

ANA TERESA:  That’s not what I mean, mi hija.

MARIA ELENA:  Then what you mean, Mommie?

ANA TERESA:  Dios. You need Dios.

No Contest © by Irelene Ricks.


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