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12@12NOON Presents "I'm The White Girl" by Karen L.B. Evans from the play HOMEGIRLS.

Fisk University, 1959, the track. REBA, black, & MARY, white, slowly jog. Their eyes follow the imaginary class as it jogs past them.

REBA: Boy, they're fast. It's humiliating to be passed twice.

MARY: At least I'm keeping you company. (pointedly) You all left for dinner without me. Again. I got left because I'm the white girl.

REBA: That's not true, we think of you as one of us.

MARY: No, you don't. Like when everybody's running their mouth and Jenny or TK says nigger and suddenly you remember I'm there.

REBA: Not nigger. Niggah. You say it low, cool, fast, almost one syllable. Don't use that word around you cause we know you can't use it.

MARY: Am I supposed to do, go back to California & tell everybody I was at Fisk for a year & nobody every said the word Negro, let alone...

REBA: (shocked) You would say niggah to other white people? We have to know about white people to survive. You, you're just slumming!

MARY: You may know about white people, but you don't know a thing about me.

REBA: I'm sorry. Nobody white ever asked me to talk about it. Look, we won't ever leave for dinner without you.

MARY: This talking thing, let's start off easy. I'll tell you what the girls say about you when you're not there, and you can tell me...

REBA: (shocked and offended) What you mean, what they say about me?

MARY: (teasing) Course, I stick up for you...but Jenny... (the class passes them again.) What!? Did they just pass us again? Show-offs!

Homegirls by Karen L.B. Evans.